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  • BU01 Multi-function Bluetooth RFID UHF Bracelet Reader Bluetooth reader
BU01 Multi-function Bluetooth RFID UHF Bracelet Reader Bluetooth reader

BU01 Multi-function Bluetooth RFID UHF Bracelet Reader Bluetooth reader

    • ISO18000-6C Gen2V1 Tamper & selfie stick UHF Reader

    • Both of wireless air protocol and USB RFID Reader

    • Support Windows, Android and iOS RFID Reader

    • 4 In 1 Bluetooth RFID Reader including Wristband Reader, Desktop Reader, Telescopic Rod Reader and Pendant Reader

    • Support 860-960Mhz (FCC, ETSI option)

    • Temperature Tolerance Calibration to be real temperature

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  • BU01 Multi-function Bluetooth RFID UHF Bracelet Reader

  • Part No: IVF-BU01

  • Support UHF tag protocol ISO18000-6C Gen2V1 / Gen2V2 compatible

  • Support operation systems: Windows/IOS/Android

  • Communication interface: BLE4.0/USB

  • Reading distance: 50cm(depend on tag size)

  • Work time: continuous working 3 hours, query over 30 000 times.

  • Material: ABS+PC engineer plastic.

  • Battery capacity: 550mA

  • Charge method: USB 5V/0.5A,charge time 2 hours

  • Support to UHF LED light Buzzer tracking Tag basing on CAB0/CAB1 chip

  • Support to RSSI strength indicator

  • Support to UHF Tamper Detection check

  • Support to RFID UHF Temperature Sensor Tag measurement basing on CAB1 chip

  • LED Indicator: power indicator, connection indicator, working status indicator.

  • Buzzer: Build-in beeper

  • Switch: Twisting switcher

  • Operating Temperature: -20~60Celsius

RFID Reader Model Description
  • B: Bluetooth

  • T: Tag

  • U: Ultra High Frequency(UHF)

  • H: High Frequency

  • KB: KeyBoard Simulator

  • PB: Palm Keyboard

Value Added/Features of BU01 Multi-function Bluetooth RFID Reader
  • IVF-BU01 first generation is a portable dongle UHF Bluetooth reader, which can be connected to the intelligent system platform such as IOS and Android via Bluetooth interface, and also can be used to connect traditional computer PC through USB interface. 

  • At the same time, there is 4 different kind of spare parts which are suitable for this multiple function Bluetooth RFID reader, wristband reader plus selfie stick parts, it will be easily be changed into a rod reader and a RFID writer device, which is convenient for industrial inventory / tracking purpose. 

  • Normally in industrial field, it will require a special reader equipment in order to read or write electronic label from warehouse, industry area. Multi-function Bluetooth reader considered more user experience in application and expanding a new idea to the RFID system engineer with the miniaturization, low cost and lead any civilian to use UHF reader, it promote better the real popularization of the RFID application system.

BU01 Multi-function Bluetooth RFID Reader

Multi-function of Blue tooth reader

Application of BU01 Multi-function Bluetooth RFID Reader
  • As this smart pocket reader with multiple operating method and quite low cost,  it can be used like a wristband, selfie sticker telescopic rod reader, chest reader and desktop reader, concerning a super small size, highly suggest to have it used in warehouse, logistics, transportation, retailing, and anywhere.

  • It is suitable for mobile data collection in indoor and outdoor harsh environments. It is the first choice for data collection in various application environments such as asset management, inventory, and search.

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