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  • RU03 RFID Reader  UHF Temperature Tamper Phone Reader Portable Reader
RU03 RFID Reader  UHF Temperature Tamper Phone Reader Portable Reader

RU03 RFID Reader UHF Temperature Tamper Phone Reader Portable Reader

    • RU03 is with additional function RSSI value,ECO Power Energy Saving, Tamper Detection,Temperature Measurement Basing on RU02

    • EASY Reader for Cold Chain Quality & supply Chain Stock Inspect

    • Inventory Of Asset or Equipment UHF Phone reader for tracking

    • Warranty Service Or Maintenance Problems

    • Intelligent Tour appliances, Electronic Label Logistics Query

    • Intelligent electronic patrol, Electrical Toll System of Highway

    • Verifying The Authenticity  Patrolling Security System

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  • RU03 RFID Reader  UHF Temperature Tamper Phone Reader

  • Part No: IVF-RU03

  • Product: IVF-RU03 RFID Reader /RFID Tamper Reader /Temperature Reader / RFID Sensor Reader

  • Support UHF tag with protocol ISO18000-6C Gen2 V1 / Gen2V2 compatible

  • Support iOS android and other intelligent system platforms (customized firmware for Serbia RFID electronic meter seal project is optional).

  • Read distance:  50cm(depend on tag size)

  • Support iOS、Android intelligent operation system platforms.

  • Work method: continuous work method/inventory frequency 1 times/second
  • Communication interface: 3.5mm audio interface ( common headphone jack)

  • Work time: continuous 3 hours, query over 30 000 times.

  • Weight: 35g

  • Size:42mm*48mm*15mm

  • Material: ABS+PC engineer plastic.

  • Battery Built in type: 503035P-500mAh-G3J

  • Battery capacity:550mA

  • Work environment temperature: -20℃~60℃

  • Power Charge: USB5V/0.5A,  2 hours charging time in room temperature(>0℃ )

  • Charge method:USB 5V/0.5A,charge time 2 hours.

  • Indicator light state:①The green light is on flashing when reading tags;②Read EPC: green light flashes;③Read tag user area data: green light flashes;④Low power: green light has been slowly blink(low power alarm, please charge as soon as possible);⑤Ultra low power: green light always flash rapidly (please stop using when device under low power and can’t read tag any more);⑥During charging: the red light is always on;⑦Finishing charging: the red light shout off

  • Additional function RSSI indicator, Tamper Detection, battery life /eco energy mode improvement, sensor temperature tag measurement and so on, compatible with previrous model RU01 and RU02

RFID Reader Model Description
  • B: Bluetooth

  • T: Tag

  • U: Ultra High Frequency(UHF)

  • H: High Frequency

  • KB: KeyBoard Simulator

  • PB: Palm Keyboard

Temperature Measurement Function with Tolerance input loading, 

[Nov 6, 2018 update] 

1)The APP supported to the latest version of fully passive temperature sensor tag basing on the chip model CAB1 

2)The App supported Tamper check

3)The App supported to LED Buzzer tag in order to discover  / find out where is the Item

Competible Phone List
  • iPhone Suitable Model:iPhone4,iPhone4S,iPhone5,iPhone5S,iPhone6,iPad2,iPhone8Plus

  • Android Suitable Model:



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