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  • UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag
  • UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag
  • UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag
UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag

UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag


    • RFID Seal, Container Seal Is A One Time Use Bolt Seal or Wire Seal Tag, UHF 860-960Mhz long reading range with excellent security protection

    • Tamper Detection Seal Tag/RFID Lock is the best option widely used for sea-cargo air-cargo container, logistics, luggage, shipping company, express couriers basing on its low cost and high security

    • Long reading distance passive tamper detection UHF RFID wire tag

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UP220027B UHF Tamper Detection Wire RFID Seal Tag

  • Battery-Free Full Passive UHF Technology and ECO RF power 7*24hours standby, Unique TID/EPC Authenticated Platform Offline/Online Zero Gap Tracking just for each individual packaging purpose, Seal State is lockable itself from its design.

  • Online PlatForm Management System (Web https://check.rfidtagworld.com/admin.php loginID: Admin  LoginPassword: Admin888)

  • It needs to be used with the matching reader BU01-AES

  • Tag Dimension: 133*38*16mm(Aluminum Antenna size 92*26 mm)

  • Chip: CAB0( Protocol: ISO18000-6C GEN2V2)

  • Memory: TID/UID 112bit+ EPC/Block 196bit+ User File_0 with 512bit of data+ Reserve 112bit

  • Operating Frequency: 902-928Mhz

  • FaceStock/Housing: ABS Plastic Housing

  • Reading Range: 600cm on Air-Free (Depends on Reader) 

  • Installation: Tie up/Tight up/RFID Lock/Wire Seal  

  • Characteristic: Tamper Detection RFID Seal Tag

  • Feature Option: Free consulting and free samples with solution proposal & evaluation, Fast sampling within 2-3days is provided to support ODM/OEM/SKD in order to meet the customized printing including mono/color barcode and text Embossing, laser-engraving, personalization and encoding service

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  • Unique TID-UID-EPC Serial number in the world which were pre-programed from RFID seal tag production line. Wire Seal Tag suitable for industrial use and support both of online and offline authentication.

  • FAKE is the statues if the RFID seal tag is not authenticated/approved by the customer in order to block blacklist

  • UNLOCKED is the brand new seal which is verified by platform. UUID was loaded into back office after our production. so first reading before lock. it will show you unlocked

  • LOCKED is in use after wire connected

  • TAMPERED is the status when the wire was cut off and container/package was opened, before client confirm to the shipment.

  • TAMPERED-TRIES is the status when the Used RFID Seal Tag was recycled used.

  • Optimizing operation procedures, reducing or even more avoiding any errors due to operators, allocating responsibility to the different players of the processes – which are often fragmented – and in the end making the most effective use of resources and capital, are the imperative goals driving the growth of logistics and transport sectors

  • Monitoring system can integrate whole transport route into Platform when truck or container has RFID SEAL Tag installed. It provide low cost and high level security. Free Energy RF frequency covers from 860MHz to 960MHz that can work and extend to any different countries. 

  • Identifying the packaging from different logisiting location in order to moinitor packaging cargo shipment in real time and prevent people steal any items from their transport, It will send notice alarm to the end customer if any one people open the container or box packaging.

  • Widely used in sea cargo, air-cargo container, logistics tracking at real time monitor is the feature request without missing any items to prevent goods stealling issue.



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