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How RFID Tags are used in Metal?

News posted on: 2018/12/4 6:41:54 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How RFID Tags are used in Metal?

How RFID Tags are used in Metal?

Assets that are embedded in RFID tags at the production stage have different or more competitive market capabilities compared to other products of the same type. Through the scale of production of assets, the cost of embedding RFID tags is even lower than the return on assets with real-time inventory visibility when customers later purchase.

For a manufacturer that sells thousands of blade servers to financial institutions and large companies every year, he not only provides customers with RFID-enabled products, but also helps customers build database centers that can be deployed with RFID tags. Make sure these labels are not so easily damaged in everyday use.

In addition, when the server is repaired within the warranty period or recycled for other reasons, the RFID inside the asset can still perform real-time management functions during the repair or recycling phase.

In the past, metallic materials have been the challenge of using RFID. However, RFID technology capable of reading and writing on metal surfaces has matured. However, the tags embedded inside the metal still cannot read and write normally, or the read/write distance is very limited. But now RFID is being read and written inside metal, embedded RFID solutions have become possible.

Some large companies need to rent or purchase capital equipment, such as laptops, wireless routers and other IT-related items, and use RFID access and RFID-enabled carts to record real-time information changes in real time. It also reflects the company's immediate return on investment, and changes the company's inventory management unit time from days to hours.

The military and law enforcement agencies must accurately calculate the inventory of weapons. There are many purposes for real-time control of the inventory of firearms, one of which is to ensure that personnel have the right equipment, the other is to keep track of the inventory (the items are misplaced or stolen). When the equipment requires regular maintenance, each record must be saved, including the maintenance process that the equipment must perform, the maintenance process that has been completed, and so on.

Managers can track and manage RFID-embedded weapons in real time and independently. Not only can you know the number of weapons to be repaired, but you can also know the stock balance in real time to ensure that any weapons are lost. This information can prevent unnecessary orders from being generated, and more importantly, once the weapon is found to be lost, the regulatory agency can initiate a search action in the first place.

Ordinary tools, from small hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes to generators, electric drills and cranes, are usually leased to construction companies after the company purchases the construction company's project as a lease term. Therefore, inventory information of equipment leasing companies is very important, and this information will be randomly changed and widely distributed, making inventory a major challenge. Loss of large equipment can cause business losses to the company. While gadgets are not very expensive, they can generate corporate liabilities if lost or stolen.

It has been several years since RFID has been used for tool tracking management, such as RFID-enabled toolboxes and truck tracking management systems. This method is relatively simple, that is, installing an RFID tag outside the asset; however, such a mounting method can easily cause the exposed tag to be easily damaged or even damaged by humans. If the tag is embedded in the tool, the concern can be eliminated. The tag that embeds the asset is also part of the tool itself.


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