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The application of industrial RFID, under what circumstances will RFID tags fail

News posted on: 2020/6/12 10:00:36 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The application of industrial RFID, under what circumstances will RFID tags fail

The application of industrial RFID, under what circumstances will RFID tags fail

With the continuous development of RFID technology in our country, RFID electronic tags are becoming more and more common in our lives. RFID technology is similar to barcode scanning. It also saves data on a carrier in a certain way and reads it through a special reading device Internal data.

Barcodes print data on the surface of objects. Although the cost is low and convenient, the data is easy to be lost, and it is not suitable for harsh environments. RFID tag technology uses special RFID readers and RFID electronic tags that can be attached to targets, and uses frequency signals to transfer information from RFID electronic tags to RFID readers.

The industrial production environment is complex, and the frequency of reading and writing is high. How to ensure that the RFID tag can not be read and written normally under long-term and high-frequency use of RFID? If the RFID tag fails, it will not be able to scan and apply, then under what circumstances RFID electronic Is the anti-counterfeit label malfunctioning?

1. The label is damaged

Labels are usually wrapped with industrial materials such as PPS, PVC, resin, ceramics, etc., but in extreme cases it is possible to damage the label. For example, when the external force exceeds the label's bearing capacity, the chip is damaged or the coil is broken, high static electricity or high Piezoelectricity can also cause irreparable damage to the label.

The tags produced by Chenkong Intelligent have an IP68 protection level, and are also waterproof, high temperature resistant, chemical resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and oil resistant. They can be used in most industrial environments and can be used normally. The label can be used normally when it is installed on the stressed surface and encounters external force and power accessories to prevent high voltage and high static electricity.

2. The label is not damaged

RFID technology uses a magnetic field generated by the card reader to transmit energy to the tag. The tag obtains energy from the magnetic field of the card reader and returns the data to the card reader. The electromagnetic wave cannot penetrate the metal completely, so the tag is blocked by the metal. It will malfunction. Water can absorb electromagnetic waves. Although the label is waterproof, it can also cause unreadable conditions if the label works in liquid.

RFID transmits energy and information through the magnetic field. In the case of motors, power supplies and other strong magnetic fields, the magnetic field of the reader will be disturbed and the tag data cannot be read. The sensing area of the card reader is limited in distance, and the tag must enter the sensing area to read and write data normally. The distance of this sensing area depends on the device type and the site environment.

To sum up, RFID technology can penetrate paper, wood, plastic and other non-metallic materials to read data and communicate penetratingly. However, it is difficult to work properly under the conditions of metal barrier, water encapsulation or strong magnetic field, and there is a high probability of failure. phenomenon.

3. Label type

Labels can be divided into different types according to their materials and chip integration protocols. Except for physical characteristics, the working protocol of the label determines whether the label can communicate with the card reader.

For example, a card reader that uses Modbus data type cannot correctly decode the tags using the free protocol, and can only read a bunch of garbled characters. Therefore, when Chenkong Intelligent developed RFID, it developed corresponding tags for each type of card reader. Only the matching card reader and label can decode the data normally and complete the data exchange.


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