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Haier Yunshang Clothing Ecology Lab unveiled, extending RFID and other technologies to the entire clothing industry chain

News posted on: 2020/3/23 9:19:14 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Haier Yunshang Clothing Ecology Lab unveiled, extending RFID and other technologies to the entire clothing industry chain

Haier Yunshang Clothing Ecology Lab unveiled, extending RFID and other technologies to the entire clothing industry chain

On March 19, under the guidance of Qingdao Public Service Center for Small and Medium Enterprises, Yunshang Clothing Network Ecological Laboratory was officially unveiled in Haichuanghui, becoming the first gazelle laboratory in Qingdao. This is another achievement after Haichuang Foreign Exchange became the first officially certified gazelle unicorn accelerator in China on March 12. Gazelle Labs and Unicorn Acceleration Camp will become a gazelle unicorn accelerator. An important part of.

The unveiling and establishment of the Yunshang Clothing Networking Ecology Lab is not only a key step for Haichuanghui to open the industrial resources of Haier's large enterprises and lead the ecological networking co-creation model, but also to maximize the advantages of the platform and further implement Qingdao ’s The platform became a public service platform to promote the development of Qingdao ".

Li Zhilei, the deputy general manager of Haichuanghui, released the action plan of Yunshang Clothing Networking Ecological Laboratory on the spot. He said that under the guidance of Haichuang Foreign Exchange ’s rich mentor, investor resources, and large enterprise resources, the provision of industrial resources by the Internet of Clothing, and the favorable guidance of the city's SME service center policy, a new ecology of enterprise integration and development will be created; the laboratory passed Do a good job in core business such as ecological products, hardware products, solutions, etc., build a clothing alliance ecology, provide users with smart solutions for the entire life cycle of clothing, and jointly achieve high growth in the ecological income, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve from tens of millions to A billion-scale leap-forward development.

It is the goal of Gazelle Labs to form an integrated development environment for large and small enterprises. The Yunshang Clothing Networking Ecology Lab will focus on Haier's washing machine and other related industrial resources, screen out a hundred co-creative ecosystems formed by related enterprises in Qingdao, and form close co-creative services and products according to user needs to jointly expand the market and achieve The model of ecological co-creation leads the cultivation of more than 10 gazelle companies, at least 2 unicorn companies, and the successful listing of 1 company. In addition, after the Internet of Clothing, a series of laboratories such as Industrial Internet, Smart Logistics, and Water Network will be launched, which will really allow large enterprises to promote SMEs' co-creation, and guide and promote more and more SMEs to achieve high-growth development.

During the event, Sun Chuanbin, the general manager of Haier Yunshang Internet of Things, also released the "National Industrial Internet Logo Analysis Platform Empowering SMEs' Digital Transformation Plan" to analyze the second-level nodes (clothing of industrial Internet logos undertaken by Haier Clothing Network and Yunshang Internet of Things). The industry application service platform) project has been comprehensively explained, in order to promote the construction of the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem of the apparel industry, and add an important driving lever. He said that the project has realized the upgrade from web devices to scenarios to ecology, providing users with a smart washing ecological platform for the full life cycle solution of clothing, and extending the Internet of Things technologies such as RFID to smart traceability, smart manufacturing, and smart sales. Waiting for the entire industry chain to meet the smart management needs of clothing in different scenarios such as factories, stores, homes, etc., will form a good business model in the clothing industry, and create benchmarking logo applications.

Haichuanghui has always been committed to creating a large and medium-sized enterprise to integrate the development ecology, and provide accelerated empowerment for all enterprises in the ecology. As the first landing laboratory of the ecology, Yunshang Clothing Networking Ecology Lab will give full play to the model and leading role of the Ecology Federation. In the next step, Haichuanghui will build a number of ecological laboratories with Haier's more platforms to promote collaborative development of SMEs on a larger scale, help more companies grow into gazelle and unicorns, and further help Qingdao to create new The economic and industrial ecosystem effectively promotes the high-quality development of the new economy.


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