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Industrial internet

News posted on: 2019/9/11 2:03:15 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Industrial internet

Industrial internet

The development of the market is too fast. There are too many problems to talk about. Many aspects are concerned with the core technologies of the industrial Internet, which is crucial to improving the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and high-quality development. The Industrial Internet looks at least from three parts:

The first is the traditional Internet; the second is the Internet of Things; the third is the Industrial Internet.

The Internet has solved the interconnection between people in the past; the Internet of Things solves the Internet of Everything, the problem of intelligent manufacturing, and the entire control process. People are connected together. The Industrial Internet should be a larger network than the traditional Internet and the Internet of Things. Of course, there are different views. At least in these parts, we feel that we must innovate and the space for innovation is relatively broader.

1. Requirements for high-definition video communication for the Internet

The country is now pushing 5G, 5G is very important, you can download a movie in a few seconds. From the base station to the mobile phone, this process is a contribution of 5G, and the information source is provided by the backbone network. The development of 5G means that we have more capabilities for the original Internet, especially the video, quality assurance and other unsolved problems, which must be solved now. From technology network to backbone network, there must be comprehensive development. It meets the requirements of structural security through public security testing and can greatly improve network security. This is very noteworthy and has been widely used in China. In terms of safety, our requirements are getting higher and higher. The company has provided strong support for video services, and has made great progress on the original Internet, which can support the development of 5G in the future. Real-time high-definition video, panoramic video, VR/AR virtual reality, all have high-demand applications. I believe that the development opportunities of the industrial Internet and the development opportunities of 5G will greatly help this technology.

2. Work on traditional chips, RFID, and sensor chips in the Internet of Things

1 Ultra-low energy consumption: A chip company in Chengdu recently launched a chip RFID, which has made great progress in power consumption and ultra-low power consumption. If the electricity is not supplied well, changing the battery is very troublesome and sometimes difficult to achieve, but the technology of RFID in power supply is ultra-low energy consumption in the next decade or two. With a smart wake-up mechanism, there is a wake-up signal every 0.1 milliseconds. If the smart wakes up, the chip can only be started, otherwise it will continue to sleep. This is a feature.

2 Jump technology can achieve quasi-optical multiplexing: a parking lot generally has several thousand cars, the working distance is 1.5 kilometers, traffic management tens of thousands of cars have to deal with, if the transmission efficiency is low, there is no way to control. ETC can read out 160 kilometers, but this can be done in a few seconds. In the real world, there are a lot of chip management. It has to push 1.5 kilometers. Recently, we have a project that uses a container with source RFID. This is ideal, and there are hundreds of containers in large. There are dozens of wagons in railway transportation. If the container is short-distance, it is difficult to handle. If it has a relatively large radius of action, it can easily control all the containers in the whole city.

This chip is simpler than the original in some respects, but there are considerable breakthroughs in some aspects. For example, the original control radius is not strong enough, not large enough, and the number of controls can be small. Now there is a great progress. And it has integrated integrated smart WiFi function and intelligent wake-up function.

3. Industrial Internet includes intelligent manufacturing smart factories and other links. The important training foundation is real-time industrial control system.

The original inspection, code, and some open source operating systems of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are all their own. Why do you advocate the use of these operating systems that we can control independently? Because this involves some security issues, if the industrial control equipment has security problems, the consequences are very serious. Some units have ready-made operating systems that are directly taken from the market and have intellectual property issues. Once the industrial control system is involved, it will have serious consequences. Virus Trojans must have their own operating system to ensure security.


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