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Industrial restructuring reveals four major trends in packaging and printing industry

News posted on: 2018/5/10 17:47:17 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Industrial restructuring reveals four major trends in packaging and printing industry

Industrial restructuring reveals four major trends in packaging and printing industry 

With the increasing pressure from the industry, the packaging and printing industry is also faced with problems such as adjustment of industrial structure, transformation and upgrading. Only by seeing the trend and developing the foundation and goal can we find out the solutions and countermeasures. 

Personalized customization and short list will gradually increase market share. 

Due to differences in individual demand and consumption habits, personalized demand for packaging and printing will increase. Similar products such as fast moving products, agricultural and sideline products, and so on, will produce more short lists and urgent orders due to their own requirements for freshness and transportation distance.            

This new form is a new challenge to all aspects of printing, but it is also a new opportunity. In addition, the rapid development of digital printing technology has also contributed to this demand.

Upgrading of packaging function  

By endowing the package with variable information code, using electronic label, intelligent label and new material application, the quality safety supervision, logistics query and traceability can be done. The variable information code can also make the package have unique identity card, and integrate the Internet of things and large data, making the network management possible.   

The realization of intelligent packaging can make information transparent, help customers understand the relevant information of the purchased items, and help enterprises to publicize their products and products. At present, more and more new technologies have been applied in the industry, such as smart tags used for real-time monitoring of deteriorating items. 


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Innovation of packaging design      

Through the automation, digitalization, intelligence and information of the paper packaging processing technology, the improvement of packaging quality, the improvement of function and the optimization of cost are promoted to meet the needs of various packaging. Many packaging and printing enterprises have set up their own R & D centers to increase their input in the design and innovation of products. 

But we should see that in the design innovation, Chinese enterprises still have a long way to go. We should strengthen exchanges with Japanese, Korean, and Taiwan enterprises, and learn their innovative mechanism and design ideas.

The trend of green, environmental protection and sustainable development   

In the process of packaging printing, waste discharged into air, water and land has attracted more and more attention from government, society and packaging and printing practitioners. Standards for pollutant discharge have been promulgated in various places, and these standards and laws and regulations can help and guide the packaging and printing enterprises to follow the road of sustainable development. 

Of course, this is not only a great challenge to packaging and printing enterprises, but also a new opportunity for transformation and upgrading. 


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