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Vehicle ETC Application

Truck Parking Management RFID System

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  • Truck Parking  Management RFID System
Truck Parking  Management RFID System

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  • The purpose is to arrange Truck Parking Management RFID System for Truck company in Mexico. The truck parking lot is large, empty and without walls. There is only one security booth at the exit. It is a suburb with sparsely populated and not enough staff

  • The parking lot of the truck is large, and there are not enough security personnel to control the theft of tires caused by the entry of outsiders.

  • The number of tires in each big truck is generally between 10-20, so one or two tires will be able to drive normally in a short period of time. If the thief steals the tires inside the big truck, the driver will find it difficult to find out. There are huge security risks.


  • Two UHF tire labels are attached to each tire.

  • Install two mat antennas at the exit of the parking lot.

  • Put a fixed antenna on each side.

  • Install the reader at the exit. When the truck passes by, the label is read and the reaction is sent to the system. The system immediately concludes that the tires are all complete.

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