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Cosmetics Brand Protection SourceTrace in RFID Anti-Tamper Application

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  • Cosmetics Brand Protection SourceTrace in RFID Anti-Tamper Application
Cosmetics Brand Protection SourceTrace in RFID Anti-Tamper Application

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  • Cosmetics Origin Brand Verification Solution & Brand Protection RFID Technology.

  • RFID cosmetics tags can increase profits and ensure brand protection through identity verification, tracking and tracing, reducing counterfeit inventory and circulation, and providing end-to-end traceability throughout the supply chain.

  • RFID cosmetics tags will increase the visibility of inventory, monitor beauty trends and prevent products out of stock.


  • Cosmetics rank the top ten counterfeiting items.

  • Personal body care will also be protected through anti-counterfeiting tags which people can trace its origin and ensure the cosmetics they use are authentic.

  • RFID anti-counterfeiting cosmetics tags ensure supply-chain integrity of cosmetics, especially for brands whose reputation matters, and to protect customers' skin care safety.

  • Using UHF RFID for inventory management, creating a more efficient supply chain, combating counterfeit items, and/or preventing out-of-stock products.

  • NFC cosmetics tags solution creats seamless shopping experience for customers, promote the relationship with customers and also for them to check the authentification of the cosmetics; meanwhile the brand owner ensure they don't lose profits in the combat with counterfeiting cosmetics.

  • UHF cosmetics tags solution helps the cosmetics seller in inventory management, investigating the trends and ensuring enough stocks.

  • Dual cosmetics tags solution would be a perfect solution if the cosmetics brand wants to realize the above benefits.


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