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Chain Hotel Towel Bathrobe Pillow Washing Laundry Management

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  • Chain Hotel Towel Bathrobe Pillow Washing Laundry Management
Chain Hotel Towel Bathrobe Pillow Washing Laundry Management

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  • UHF washable tag for temperature and chemical resistant

  • Ideally manage commercial or private linens, garments or mats

  • Optimize inventory and lessen human error in washing and billing processes

  • Resulting in security problem & critical issue solved

  • NFC Approaching industrial apps limited to sensor progress of manufacture

  • HF contactors in a hybrid bioreactor industrial application

  • RFID System Improves Industrial Items Sorting Finding and Transferring

  • Specific characteristics for use in the wireless communication industry


  • RFID Industry Laundry Tagging & Tracking Management

  • RFID Laundry Tag Fabric Washing Tag for clothes

  • Chain hotel linen (sheets, quilts, pillows, bath towels, towels, etc.) has large capacity and frequent washing turnover

  • As the property of the hotel, needs to be managed by assets, charged according to the number of uses, and assessed the loss, statistical data, and efficiency optimization;

  • The linen is scattered, the manual inventory efficiency is low, and it is often wrong. After washing, there are different brands confused. The depreciation of the cloth can not be counted, the damage is not updated in time, and the resource vacancy rate is relatively high.

  • BU01 combined with smart phone, easy to operate, to achieve rapid identification of linen identity; data upload platform, make a record of every use

  • Solve automatic identification tasks in demanding industrial environments

  • Greater efficiency accuracy and cost savings in industrial applications than "traditional" application

  • The key users of such projects are platform-based linen leasing companies, which are large in scale and scattered in hotelstores. They need to improve collection efficiency but need to control total cost. The larger the scale, the more stores, the more dispersed the data, the better the application effect.

  • The hotel is scattered, the rooms are numerous, the data volume is large and scattered, and the cost of hardware is well controlled by BU01

  • Widely used for Hotel laundry management,Industry Laundry Tracking Management,Laundry store management etc

  • It is easier for RFID Industry Laundry Tagging & Tracking Managemen


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