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RFID Tire Tag
RFID Embedded UHF Tire Tag Long Reading Range Passive Spring Tag
RFID Embedded UHF Tire Tag Long Reading Range Passive Spring Tag
  • Flexible construction to withstand tire deformation for the lifetime of the tire

  • Factory programmed tag identification number to prevent cloning

  • Full life of Tire Traceability Control and Identify tracking online

  • Can be embedded other items in producing process with trunk,box

  • Advantage is small size of width and resist at least 200

  • RFID tags can be implanted steel tire or semi-steel tire renovation

  • Users have the flexibility to read and write data in its internal memory for full life of tire use cycle

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Size: 89 * 3.5 * 1.1 mm 

  • Material: Spring Copper, PVC, PET, Rubber

  • Working temperature:40C~230C

  • Frequency: 860mhz-960mhz(ETSI,FCC)

  • Air Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2/ISO 18000-6C

  • Chip:Alien Higgs-3/Higgs-4/ntag213/em4200 etc.

  • Distance: 0-6m(depend on the reader power)

  • Feature: Strong adhesive attached to tire

  • Tire tags is implanted into tire during tire molding process, fully be able to withstand high temperatures and high pressure when vulcanized.

  • Firmness and flexibility of design of the structure makes it to withstand the entire life cycle of the tire and shear deformation and stress.

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Value Added Services
  • This UHF RFID Tire tag is intended for embedding into the tire mould prior to the manufacture and curing of the tire.  It survives high temperatures encountered in the tire curing process and is sturdy enough to remain operational throughout the life of the tire. It offers a read distance of up to 1m or 3 feet when embedded into the tire and provides a flexible construction to withstand tire deformation. The tag can be built into truck tires that can be recapped several times.

  • RFID Tire Tags are compatible with EPC global Class1 Gen2 (ISO18000-6C) protocal, which specifically designed and manufactured for tire identification and tracking.

  • RFID Tire Tag is designed to be embedded tire inside during the manufacturing process and attach to the tire wall. The RAIN RFID Tyre Tag provides unique ID numbers which can be tracked. RAIN RFID Tyre Tag is and ideal solution for tire management, asset tracking, tire repairing and prevent tire theft and cloning etc.

  • RFID Tire Tags are designed and produced for purpose of innovative transformation of existing traditional tire barcode label to a RFID label with printed barcode and inserted RFID label. It be attached to the tires directly in the course of tire vulcanization, so that it can be fully connected to core part of tire and function in monitoring and tracking the current tire condition.


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  • Widely used for vehicle tire full life tracking and environement control

  • Wasted & defected tire Recyled management

  • Quality inspection of vehicle tire during its livestock life

  • Tire logistics supply chain and transportation source trace and distributor identify

  • Prevent tire quality issue happened during vehicle running on the road