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Portable Reader
RFID Portable Ear Jack UHF Reader
RFID Portable Ear Jack UHF Reader
  • Ultra-high frequency (UHF) Support ios Android platform

  • Working hours continuous work 4 hours

  • Communication interface 3.5 mm audio interface (ordinary headphone jack

  • Read distance: 0.5 m (depending on the size label

  • Material: ABS + PC engineering plastic

  • RFID Portable Ear Jack UHF Reader

  • support ios, Android platform

  • communication interface: 3.5 mm audio interface (ordinary headphone jack)

  • read distance: 0.5 m (depending on the size label)

  • working hours: continuous work 4 hours

  • material: ABS + PC engineering plastic

  • size: 48 mm * 42 mm * 15 mm

  • weight: 35 g

  • battery capacity: 550 mA

  • Work environment temperature: -10 to 60

Competible Phone List
  • iPhone Suitable ModeliPhone4,Phone4S,iPhone5,iPhone5S,iPhone6,iPad2

  • Android Suitable Model              

RFID Reader Model Description
  • B: Bluetooth

  • T: Tag

  • U: Ultra High Frequency(UHF)

  • H: High Frequency

  • KB: KeyBoard Simulator

  • PB: Palm Keyboard

Value Added Services
  • Support with Android and IOS

  • USB-Powered (PC-linked mode)

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface

  • no need to key-in barcode data manually

  • reduces input errors, speeds up operation

  • application switching is not necessary

  • works with each 3rd party app

  • Automate Data Acquisition

  • It is easy to carry with smart terminals such as mobile phones, and is very suitable for application management such as member management, traceability management, product anti-counterfeiting, and equipment asset management.

  • It is suitable for mobile data collection in indoor and outdoor harsh environments. It is the first choice for data collection in various application environments such as asset management, inventory, and search.

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