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XMinnov | RFID NFC Security Seal Tag Label Manufacturers Supplier Factory

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Ms. Norah Ho
Ms. Cathy Zheng
Ms. Margaret Lu
Ms. Helen Wu
Mr. John Lee


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No.1 Xiang Hong Road, Xiang An high-tech zone, Xiamen city, Fujian Province.


RFID License Plate
Vehicle Plate RFID License Tag UHF anti-metal Screw Mount

Free Charge RFID Solution According To Real Application System

14359252069500090.jpg Security vehicle parking freeflow management solution

14359252069500090.jpg ETC station vehicle control access payment management

14359252069500090.jpg Truck tracking,vehicle parking,electronic toll collection ETC

14359252069500090.jpg Asset trace,transportation,fuel gas petrol station,power electric meter

14359252069500090.jpg Access control,liquor & wine tracking,telecom communication

14359252069500090.jpg Vehicle register, Vehlce emission inspection,Inventory system

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Product Description

 ETC Vehicle Plate RFID License Tag UHF anti-metal Screw Mount

Quick Brief

14359252069500090.jpg Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

14359252069500090.jpg Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM
14359252069500090.jpg Facility : have own factory and over 50 patents , our engineers team can help customers design antenna and evaluate new products based on customers’ needs. We have our own complete production lines, from copper or aluminum etching, flip chip bonding , lamination,Encoding programs and full quality controls, color printing. 

Technical Specification

14359252069500090.jpg Tag Size: metal part 24.8*4.3cm, plastic part 24.8*1.2*1.8 cm

14359252069500090.jpg Chip: Impinj Mondza 4 QT

14359252069500090.jpg Frequency : 860 MHz-960 MHz

14359252069500090.jpg Protocol: ISO18000-6C, Gen2 V1C1

14359252069500090.jpg International Standard: FCC, ETSI

14359252069500090.jpg Conduct Material: Aluminum Etching / FR4 Copper builtin

14359252069500090.jpg Substrate: ABS & Steel body

14359252069500090.jpg Function option : Security screws are needed, Waterproof, UV/IR Rays block components are build in, Break On Removal,Non-removal, IP level 65.

ETC vehicle plate control access UHF anti-metal label

Added Value Services

14359252069500090.jpg 100% quality control to be sure you have unique TID UID EPC numbers in the world from our production.

14359252069500090.jpg Frequency performance graphic is controlled 100% for your needs according to a special RF standard area and performance improvement, customized antenna printing & personalization individual printing service like Barcode,Serial No, Text Contents and so on.

14359252069500090.jpg Customized Data Service including Chip pre-programing, Data Write, Adhesiveness, Durability, Memory Format, TID/UID Encoding, EPC Encoding, User Encoding, Password Protect, Kill itself such as tamper evidence, authenticity protection, personalization, encoding, access passwords.

14359252069500090.jpg Provide Free Charge RFID Solution Depending On Your Special Requirements for Real Application System, like the security solution of banking check, encryption entrance ticket, money bag, confidential documents, service authrization, mobility payment, truck managment tracking, vehicle parking, electronic toll collection ETC, asset trace, transportation, fuel gas petrol station, power electric meter, access control, liquor & wine drinking tracking, telecom communication, NFC powerless LED par light, domestic bird/animal management and so on


Vehicle plate electronic identification for car truck motor vehicles widely in used for automatic parking Lot, electronic toll collection,highway free flow control, as an universal Vehicle certification license or card ticket, environmental license, automatic parking lot, to control traffic,over speed violation identification,vehicle annual inspection

Logistics supply chain screw mounted on  pallets, show case, counter, shelf, product stock,equipment, assets, communication equipment, medical device, container  and so on in warehouse, value-added and fast tracking, save labour cost, improve efficiency.


14359252069500090.jpg Exclusive Design & Patent Technology

14359252069500090.jpg Factory Quality Service

14359252069500090.jpg Support OEM, ODM & SKD services,acccept from the processing of Etching, Flip-chip Assembly, Lamination, Die-cut, Program Encoding ( TID/UID, Serial Number, Barcode , Associated All of the related Datas )

14359252069500090.jpg Free Samples Provided existing in warehouse 

14359252069500090.jpg Good Price & competitively

14359252069500090.jpg Customized Depending On Requirement 


14359252069500090.jpg Payment Term: T/T, Western Union & Paypal.

14359252069500090.jpg Quick customized sample providing of 3-7 days, low cost.

Packaging & Shipping

14359252069500090.jpg Packaging Defined of your needs, Normally supply roll by roll (some specified tag can be piece by piece ) ,  2000-5000 pcs roll/bag & Paper Carton.


14359252069500090.jpg Fast Delivery Time: 8- 12 workdays,  by DHL,UPS,FedEx,EMS etc.


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