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RFID Label Construction
UHF on metal passive label for high temperature level
UHF on metal passive label for high temperature level
  • High strength of pressure resistence UHF construction tag

  • Logistic waterproof high temperature anti metal label

  • Construction Parts of UHF tag wireless Identification

  • UHF security Ultra High Frequency RFID solution

  • Passive UHF Technology with Low Cost powerless

  • High Performance material based Metal UHF Tag

  • UHF on metal passive label for high temperature level

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Antenna : customized FR4 Based copper antenna

  • Tag Size: 115x25mm or customized

  • Chip: Higgs3 (Welding chip model based,Higgs4,M4,M4QT,M4E option)

  • Frequency : 860-960 MHz

  • Protocol: ISO 180000-6C,Gen2 Class V1

  • International Standard: FCC, ETSI

  • Conduct Material: Copper / 36um thickness

  • Substrate: FR4 3mm thickness

  • Antenna Character: Copper etching + protection overlay ink

  • Product Feature : IP65 high level protection, wafterproof, UV IR rays resistant, chemical/alcohol resistant, high temperature resistant of 200degree, dusts resistant

Value Added Services
  • On-metal RFID labels are used primarily for tracking IT Assets in datacentres and offices. With print, peel and stick flexibility, tagging IT Assets is simple, cost effective, and efficient. With global frequency, high temperature capabilities, and balanced performance, this broad range of passive RFID labels comes in a variety of sizes and read ranges.

  • Customized Chip Design Supported associated to Security Encryption Purpose, There's DNA, AES 128 secure protection lock, Defined User memory, Die Chip Pad specified, Trigger PAD is enable, GPIO managed, Sensor Controller Buildin and so on.

  • RFID technology is increasingly being used on construction projects to increase efficiencies, manage assets and reduce theft. 

  • Over the past several years, a number of applications have been developed for use in the construction industry. As the cost of RFID systems continue to drop, their use in construction has continued to grow. 

  • RFID tags are an easy way of keeping track of which tools have been checked out, which employee checked them out as well as how long the tool was used once it is checked back in. These systems can be used on everything from hand tools to heavy equipment.

  • Widely used for machine assets management

  • Metal Based UHF Embedded Infrastructure RFID Identification and Building RFID tagging, on metal based structure

  • Track metal based automatic parking Lot, position lane location, GPS rfid tag

  • RFID tag equiped supply chain warehouse stock, container equipment assets management etc.