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RFID Encoding Machine
D9500U RFID Encoding Machine Supporting RFID UHF

Free Support 7x24hours within 5 Years after dispatch

Encoding Machine RFID data encoding program machine more durability

RFID Program Equipment RFID/NFC program reader buildin for label encoding

RFID Auto Write Customized Reader function is opened for customer

RFID Auto Write RFID/NFC encoding process UPH more than 5000pcs

RFID Program Equipment Auto Ink Marker or replace defected label for rejection

Encoding Machine Easy operate,Friendly Interface, Touch & Button Control

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Product Description

RFID Encoding Machine Supporting RFID UHF

Section 1: RFID Encoding Machine Device Model & meaning

14359252069500090.jpg D5000  Standard RFID encoding machine 

14359252069500090.jpg D5000C Customized RFID Encoding Machine

14359252069500090.jpg D9500U Standard UHF Encoding Machine

14359252069500090.jpg D9500H Standard HF Encoding Machine

Meaning : 

D-Device, 5000: UPH is 5000pcs, 

C:Customized Machine,

U: For the version of Ultra High Frequency, 

H:  For the version of High Frequency

 rfid encoding machine

Section 2: Summary of RFID Encoding Machine

 Standard Dimension:

14359252069500090.jpg Device size: 1.4m (L) x 1.55m (H) x 0.60m (W), Net weight: 65kg

14359252069500090.jpg Factory Packing: 1.4m (L) x 0.95m (H) x 0.65m (W), Weight: 67kg, LCD Touch screen folded and with necessary spare parts

14359252069500090.jpg Shipping Package: 1.5m (L) x 1.20m (H) x 0.7m (W), weight: 87kg

Standard Machine:

14359252069500090.jpg Standard machine include most of RFID Read/Write public function that is with limited update service free charge provided from machine manufacturer. Support with regular function like OK indicator, NG indicator, Alarm indicator, Stop, General Report, Rejection process.

Customized Machine:

14359252069500090.jpg According to special requirement, support rfid encoding machine customzied OEM ODM development. Including ink marker or bad process unit for label rejection, barcode scan, customized database loading unit, software plug-in development, special UI interface development, RFID function customized like HAS, AES128, P-SAM encryption, different kind of communication protocol and so on.

Section 3:  Purpose of RFID Encoding Machine

In order to do RFID label industrial Quality Control, RFID Encoding write process piece by piece for 100 percent automatically by machine to avoid human cost.

Main function of RFID encoding machine:

14359252069500090.jpg Friendly Interface of Graphic UI and touch screen control design;

14359252069500090.jpg Support loading any program task to continue work process from break point;

14359252069500090.jpg Real time task / report input generation to save and output;

14359252069500090.jpg Auto Location / Identification System helping label search, find, track and define with more accuracy

14359252069500090.jpg Support multiple RFID data source comparision & QC quality inspection from label itself;

14359252069500090.jpg Support multiple label or single label encoding program according to label memory or customer requirement;

14359252069500090.jpg Support anytime STOP including power lost by mechanical button without report missing or report lost;

14359252069500090.jpgSupport anytime STOP by RFID software from LCD Touch Screen, it will cause to save report and quantity counter or task saved also;

14359252069500090.jpg Follow project task loading function, no debug is required, avoid parameter missing or lost from 2nd debug process;

14359252069500090.jpg Counter & Report Function, output file format is TXT or Excel. Summary of project task will be recorded into “Query” and the report file will be saved at the folder of “/Report/” ;

14359252069500090.jpg Report Function record all the process to each pieces of rfid tag or rfid label in which Date, which time, which label number, read/write UID/TID/EPC/USER/RESERVE or block information.;

14359252069500090.jpg Create report/config files named automatically with the last sequence number from 001 to 999;

14359252069500090.jpg There is manual/semi-auto/auto mode for label feeding and tracking which is cooperated with label sensor like metal sensor, gap sensor, color sensor, thickness sensor and so on;

14359252069500090.jpg Support familiar RFID NFC protocols like ISO14443A, 14443B, Ultralight,15693, ISO18000-6B, 18000-6C, GEN2V2;

14359252069500090.jpg In order to control UHF Label sensitivity, frequency band, gain control and create label performance chart for comparision, debugging is required before QC inspection;

14359252069500090.jpg There is 2 Rejection Operation which is Ink marker and auto-peeller. There is 3 options that allowed for selection like auto-skip, manual-skip and peel off;

14359252069500090.jpg Feed Alarm will be appeared while the feed distance is exceeding or less than calculated configed parameter required which right parameter must be typed and calculated by label pitch(mm) x 6 times;

14359252069500090.jpg Plug-in kit for different RFID NFC command is supported for personalized & customized requirement;

14359252069500090.jpg Portable and movable design is comfortable for any kind of workshop, make everything simple and easier;

14359252069500090.jpg Ultra Low Consumption totally less than 100watt. (latest machine is less than 300watt);

14359252069500090.jpg Frequency Range is at 10-18Mhz and 800-960Mhz or customized radio frequency requested;

Minimum RFID label size must more than 10x10mm

Maximum RFID label size must less than 180mm,  

Minimum RFID label web size of reel is 15mm, 

Maximum RFID tag web size of reel is 180mm, 

Maximum RFID Tape Reel Diameter is 500mm,

RFID Encoding Machine

rfid encoding program machine setup

rfid encoding program machine menu operation read write

rfid encoding program machine auto sequence serial number

rfid encoding machine program machine  setup for EPC TID UID filter

rfid encoding machine program machine NFC HF reader config setup debug

rfid encoding machine,program machine, ISO18000-3M3 protocol config debug parameter

default plug-in options for rfid encoding machine,rfid program machine with customized plug-in design

nfc NDEF program, url website program, rfid encoding machine, content program machine

barcode scanner buildin in rfid encoding machine, with pre-program data generator parameters config, nfc program machine

Typing "RFID Inspection Machine" as a key words from website search channel" to get more details.


14359252069500090.jpg Payment Term: T/T, Western Union & Paypal.

14359252069500090.jpg Production time: 20-30 days according to quantity.


14359252069500090.jpg Shippment : By Epress such as DHL,UPS,FedEx,EMS etc or Air transportation.


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