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Phone Reader Module
UHF Reader Module Factory Development Manufacturer
UHF Reader Module Factory Development Manufacturer
  • Personal terminal query asset and equipment inventory

  • Intelligent tour appliances electronic label logistics query intelligent electronic

  • Electrical toll system used on highway charge verifying the authenticity

  • Patrolling security system Goods inventory to know stock quantity situation

  • Sales quantity better warranty service or maintenance problems

  • UHF Reader Module Factory Development Manufacturer

  • Product model£ºIVF-RU01

  • IVF-RU01 first generation UHF elf is a portable mini reader, it can be connected with IOS, Android and other intelligent system platform by 3.5mm headphone jack, change original UHF RFID tag must use special equipment to achieve UHF reader miniaturization, low cost, civilian, and promote RFID application system works really popular.

  • Support UHF tag protocol ISO18000-6C

  • Support ios¡¢android intelligent system platforms.

  • Communication interface: 3.5mm audio interface ( common headphone jack)

  • Read distance:  50cm£¨depend on tag size£©

  • work time: continuous 3  hours, query over 30 000 times.

  • Material: ABS+PC engineer plastic.

  • Size£º42mm*48mm*15mm

  • Weight£º35g

  • Battery capacity£º550mA

  • Charge method£ºUSB 5V/0.5A£¬charge time 2 hours.

  • Work environment temperature: -20¡æ~60¡æ

  • Indicator light state: ¢Ù normal work: green light maintain light. ¢Ú read tag EPC£ºgreen light flashes. ¢Û read tag USER area data: green light flashes. ¢Ü equipment malfunction: light does not shine. ¢İ Low power: green light has been slow blink ( low power alarm, please charge as soon as possible)¢Ş Ultra low power: green light always flash rapidly ( low power can¡¯t use, can¡¯t read) ¢ß In charge: long red light. ¢à Charge electricity finished: red light exterminate.

Competible Phone List
  • iPhone Suitable Model£ºiPhone4,Phone4S,iPhone5,iPhone5S,iPhone6,iPad2

  • Android Suitable Model£º              

Value Added Services
  • RFID Reader Modules are built into RFID reader systems, they enable these systems to read data from compatible tags.

  • It is used to read unique ID from RFID tags. Whenever RFID tags comes in range, RFID reader reads its unique ID and transmits it serially to the microcontroller or PC.

  • Handheld data collection equipment

  • access control attendance equipment

  • one cartoon system

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