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NFC Intelligent Sticker
NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability seal tag sticker
NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability seal tag sticker
  • NFC Security solution banking check,encryption ticket, money bag

  • Confidential documents,service authrization,NFC mobility payment

  • NFC provides the most secure product authentication

  • Break on removal function to make sure uniqueness

  • Truck tracking,vehicle parking,NFC windshield tag for identification

  • Asset trace,transportation,fuel gas petrol station,power electric meter

  • Access control,liquor & wine tracking,telecom communication

  • NFC powerless LED light,animal wearable management

  • NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability seal tag sticker

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Antenna Size:  customized

  • Tag Size should be:  customized

  • Chip: NTAG213,NTAG216,ICODE SLIX  or customized

  • Frequency : 13.0-14.5 MHz)

  • Protocol: ISO15693,ISO14443A

  • Conduct Material: Aluminum Etching / 9um thickness

  • Substrate: PET of 50um thickness

  • Product Property: Optional of Tamper proof, Brittle antenna, Destructive aluminum etching, Fragile copper etching, Ink of silver Printing antenna based

  • Product Feature: Function of Non-transfer, Fragile,Tamper Evident, Anti-counterfeiting, non-transferable,break on antenna, break on chip,one time use, Disposable, Destructive IP Level, Waterproof, UV IR rays resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant

Value Added Services
  • A specialized destructible RFID tamper tag that can be used to identify if a sealed container has been opened. This label will show tamper evidence upon an attempt to remove it. The RFID antenna will not function if broken.

  • Locate and identify sensitive documents, folders and envelopes. In addition to all the benefits of RFID, this tag provides immediate detection of obvious tampering.

  • Tamper proof RFID tags have been specially designed so that any attempt to remove them will destroy the antenna and stop the tag working. They are designed to prevent tags being moved between objects and locations. The surface of the tags simply chips away, effectively damaging the antenna loop and destroying the tag.

  • NFC wearable products, electronic toys, Game Toy & Arts, home entertainment application, wearable smart application and insert application, other dangerous and safety items identification like drugs,medicine cosmetics,food,tobacco,wine,alcohol liquor and drinking. accessories and other spare parts or items as well as some embedded applications for security and trace-ability.

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