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Active RFID tag
Long Reading Range RFID UHF Semi Active Tag
Long Reading Range RFID UHF Semi Active Tag
  • RFID long reading reange semi-active tag

  • Battery power supply to boost rfid rewriting & reading effeciency

  • Ultra high frequency Radio Identification pcb tag

  • Most for warehouse tracking and searching items

  • Logistics parcels and carton finding system in express courier company

  • Location roughly position service

  • Long Reading Range RFID UHF Semi Active Tag Using Coin Battery

  • Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

  • Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

  • Antenna Size: 80x60 mm Copper Antenna

  • Chip Required:   EM chips (NXP chips option)

  • Design Frequency : 860-960Mhz

  • Design Protocol:  ISO18000-6C Class Gen2

  • International Standard: FCC, ETSI

  • Conduct Material: Copper Etching / 35um thickness

  • Substrate: PET of 50um thickness

  • Product Property: Coin Battery or Aluminum batter is buildin depends on requirement with more longer reading reading, rfid tag working mode transfered between passive and semi-active

  • Product Feature: Function of Non-transfer, Fragile,Tamper Evident, Anti-counterfeiting,non-transferable,break on antenna, break on chip,one time use,  Disposable, Destructive IP Level, Waterproof, UV IR rays resistant, heat or temperature resistant and chemical resistant

Value Added Services
  • Semi-active tags (also called semi-passive or battery-assisted passive (BAP) tags) are based on the same principle as passive tags but include battery that helps to extend the communication range, tag memory and in some cases include sensors.

  • A semi-passive tag is an RFID tag that has a battery but communicates with a reader using back scatter, like a passive tag without a battery. The battery is usually used to power a sensor, and to run the circuitry on the chip. That allows more energy from the reader antenna to be reflected back to the interrogator, thereby giving semi-passive tags a longer read range than ordinary passive tags

  • Widely used in Personnel & assets management such as laptop, computer, gun,weapon, Personnel tracking and positioning system,Open automatic attendance system,Personnel check-in and security management system,asset Management

  • Widely used for long reading range identification & inventory case, which allow us to transfer passive and semi-active between Anti metal function better than passive rfid tag, also reduce shadow factors

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