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Xiamen Shaotu Wenzhao Museum Launches New RFID Smart Bookshelf, The First Self-Service Shelf-Back Function
2018/12/5 1:30:55 / Editor - Naomi / Source - RFID tag World - XMINNOV

Xiamen Shaotu Wenzhao Museum Launches New RFID "Smart Bookshelf", the First Self-Service Shelf-Back Function

3D navigation map

The 3D navigation map can be provided by the inquiry machine on the side of the "smart bookshelf".


Smart Bookshelf

¡°Smart Bookshelf¡± can be returned directly.

According to the Xiamen Evening News report, ¡°The Book is in the Library¡±, it is not found on the designated bookshelf; it is difficult to find the book you want to read without the help of adults... On the occasion of the summer vacation, Xiamen City The intelligent bookshelf reading room of the Children's Library Wenzao Museum was officially put into use, and it is no longer difficult for small readers to find books.

The intelligent bookshelf reading room is located on the second floor of Wenzao Pavilion, covering an area of 600 square meters. Currently, the book collection volume is more than 43,000. After the new renovation, the reading room realized the layout of automation, intelligence and information integration. In front of the self-service borrower, you can complete the full set of borrowing procedures on your own; on the RFID smart bookshelf, you can quickly complete the return procedure according to the shelf level of the book cover. In the new search mode, the 3D navigation map can be used to achieve accurate positioning of the book.

In addition to the self-return and query functions of the book, the "smart bookshelf" system also realizes real-time monitoring of book location, 3D navigation of books, reminders of books, etc., which greatly reduces the rate of book dislocation and improves the use rate of books and the accuracy of inquiry. Among them, the self-service returning book function is the first in the country.

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