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Unionpay Releasing a ¡°Touch¡± Feature, Finishing Payment by NFC Tags
2018/7/3 1:15:25 / Editor - Lynne / Source - RFID tag World - XMINNOV

Unionpay Releasing a ¡°Touch¡± Feature, Finishing Payment by NFC Tags

June, 27, Unionpay releasing a ¡°touch¡±function, it will finish the payment through mobile NFC reading NFC tags.

Payment by NFC Tags

How to use the ¡°touch¡±?

Android users are required to turn on NFC functionality, and for a small number of models, make sure the read/write/point-to point functionality is enabled. Then you must open the "cloud flash payment" APP and find "touch" on the interface. If not, update the APP to the latest version, or stroke the navigation bar left and right. Iphone users will need to click "mine" - > then click "unionpay LABS" - >¡°touch¡±.

 Android user interface

Android user interface


Iphone user interface

Iphone user interface




Aim at the NFC tag with the cloud flash token, then jump to the input amount portion of something like a scan payment.

Payment by NFC Tags

The NFC function of android phone can complete the function of tag reading. Apple also opened the Core NFC SDK to developers in September 2017, and new apple phones after the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be able to read the NDEF tags of NFC. Mobile payment network learned from unionpay that the content read by NFC mobile phone is the label data format defined by unionpay, and the payment process after reading is the same as the online payment process.

Product evaluation and industrial impact

On unionpay as early as in 2016, the author through the NFC tags to complete the payment in imagination, now functions, it is once again helped the NFC industry, relative to the current scan code to pay, also has some disadvantages. 

The terms of advantage

The first is security. At present, the big problem of scanning payment is security. How to solve the problem of stealing brush is a big headache. Based on NFC label payment method, compared with QR code sticker, the technology and cost of stolen brush is higher. In fact, instant payment advantage. Compared with the scanning payment, the payment method based on NFC tags requires less light and scanning location. The instantaneous payment experience is better than the scanning payment. Thirdly, avoid scanning the code to pay a limit of 500 yuan. In accordance with the requirements of no. 296, solid code need quota of 500 yuan, unionpay based on NFC tags of payment, payment technology is NFC, realization way is online payment, perhaps can hedge the limit of the central bank. 

Disadvantage aspect 

The first is the NFC tag issue. NFC tags require an NFC device to write to, either on a mobile phone or on a dedicated device. If additional devices are required, the distribution cost will be high. In addition, NFC tags are almost impossible for merchants to print themselves like QR code stickers, so how to send them to merchants is a problem. Second, speed disadvantages. The convenience mentioned above is instant payment, but the whole payment process does not seem to be convenient. You still need to find the "touch" button smaller than scan in the "cloud payment" APP interface before you can proceed to the next step. If unionpay can realize do not need to open the APP, can sweep directly take NFC tags and then complete the payment, so the experience is good than scan code to pay, it belongs to the scope of the function is perfect. In general, this is a relatively new payment method, which has a lot of room for improvement in terms of speed, but it may require more in-depth cooperation with the mobile phone manufacturers. If unionpay is willing to push the label more aggressively, there is still a lot of room for improvement. And for the receiving enterprises, does unionpay need to formulate a new issuing process? In addition, some potential risk control problems remain to be observed.

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