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NRF 2019
2018/12/3 3:31:38 / Editor - Barry / Source - RFID tag World - XMINNOV

NRF 2019

This Event will be held from 1/13/2019 to 1/15/2019 in New York, United States.

NRF 2019: Retailí»s Big Show is the world's biggest retail conference, bringing together the largest gathering of industry executives from across the globe.  Attendees learn the latest retail trends and get an unparalleled view into how retail brands of all sizes are transforming themselves for the digital age. The event offers unique networking opportunities and a glimpse of the latest technologies and solutions for retailers.

NRF 2019

For more than a century, NRF's annual convention and EXPO has been the annual gathering for industry luminaries and leaders, and it remains the place where big things happen in retail.

Xiamen Innov Information Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. are commit to provide one stop service of RFID security & tracking solution, especially for retail industry, including commodity traceability, security identification, item sealing, etc. Looking forward to good cooperation with overseas customers.

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