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HUAWEI will cover 100k cars in the IOT connect
2018/6/7 10:00:33 / Editor - Benn / Source - RFID tag World - XMINNOV

HUAWEI will cover 100k cars in the IOT connect

In recent years, HUAWEI has been doing quite a lot in the field of vehicle networking. Yesterday, in Audi's cooperation conference, it was announced that the HUAWEI car will cover 100k nets in the Internet, and the battle with Qualcomm's network of cars is still in progress. 


HUAWEI has been expanding its plans and layout to other areas, after which rumors that it will cooperate with auto manufacturers to build cars has been heard all the time. HUAWEI has denied it. In fact, HUAWEI's ambition to enter the automotive industry lies in providing relevant solutions for vehicle networking.   


HUAWEI is very frequent in the field of car networking. As early as 2013, HUAWEI launched the vehicle module ME909T, and promised to invest hundreds of millions of yuan in the future development of vehicle networking. Since then, HUAWEI and many auto manufacturers have carried out strategic cooperation, including the Hass chip of the vehicle communication module for Mercedes Benz and Audi, the cooperation with TOYOTA, the deployment of WiFi's hot spots on the car and the connection with the call center. At home, the HUAWEI also formed a strategic partnership with the Dongfeng car and the Changan car, respectively. Develop car networking products.       


In June 5th, HUAWEI introduced its early cooperation with Audi at the base of Bantian, Shenzhen, and announced its positioning, market strategy and latest progress in the car market. Xiong Wei, President of HUAWEI's LTE product line, told media interviews, including the daily economic news, that HUAWEI's cooperation with Audi covers cars, molds, modules, and applications. In addition, Xiong Wei also revealed that HUAWEI will cover 100k net cars this year. 

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