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XMinnov Launched Series Tamper Detection NFC sticker Based On Silicon Craft
7/16/2015 8:12:25 PM / Editor - John Lee / Source -

Xiamen Innov Information Science & Technology Co. LTD completed their new research & design 

for the new NFC Tamper Detection RFID tags basing on Thailand Silicon RFID Chips 43N1.

Tamper Detection For Vehicle Management ETC Parking service, popular applied in windshield inside the car/truck/bus.

anyone who is going to try peel off the tag pasted on windshield, will generate one destroy event  in tag block memory, then

we could easy find if the tag was removed or destructived by any attempts.

HF NFC Tamper Detection 2618 mm Antenna

HF NFC Tamper Detection 4527 

HF NFC Tamper Detection D20mm Copper Antenna

Anti Tamper proof tag

Jewelry anti-tamper application

Focus Application In:

 Box Seal & Liquor manament, food safety tracking, brand protection, security document management

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