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SML Group Launched Inlay Based On Impinj Monza R6 Chip
2015/7/16 20:12:25 / Editor - / Source -

      Clothing brand identification solutions provider SML Group introduced two new RFID inlays - GB3_R6 and MAZE_R6 product, designed for high-volume retail.

      SML Group report, these two products are used in a Impinj's Monza R6 chip, designed to provide a broader read angle and read range for retailers and brand owners, especially in the difficult and deploy a greater environmental impact under the circumstances, such as product marking stacked very close together or product in the metal frame.

     According to the company said,GB3_R6 size of 50 mm * 30 mm (1.97 inches * 1.18 inches), it performs very well in a variety of reading mode. The strong backward scattering characteristics of the product to a larger read range, lower sensitivity even handheld reader can also read the product.

      The company reported that, GB3_R6 is for project and asset tracking, including jeans, bags, clothing labels and boxed goods.

SML Group said, MAZE_R6 size is 68 mm * 14 mm (2.68 inches * 0.55 inches), with a gain antenna structure, improves the forward and reverse link performance, so that it can perform well in dense tag populations.

      MAZE_R6 is suitable for project and asset tracking, including pallet label, denim cloth, plastic bags, clothing labels and packaging projects.

      Whether GB3_R6 or MAZE_R6 inlays, their read sensitivity is up to -20 dBm to - 16.7 dBm. In 2014,Monza R6 released to (new Impinj chips with higher sensitivity, read range and flexibility) provide other additional features, including auto-tuning Impinj technology that can help inlay by constantly readjust chip reception, to compensate for environmental conditions changes to inlay from the impact, including the impact of materials in the vicinity of the fabric, such as the impact of fabrics, packaging and fixtures. Tag focus, allowing inlay data to be quickly captured  Fast ID, allowing inlay for high-speed multi-volume coding process, writing speed up to 1.6 milliseconds 32bit.

     Whether MAZE_R6 or GB3_R6 inlay have adopted Auburn University RFID laboratory ARC performance test, the test proved that these two inlays in full compliance with A, B, C, D, F, G, I, K and M specifications. SML Group explained that the purpose of the ARC test is to ensure that we provide the RFID label products which meet or exceed the label performance requirements of retailers, in order to provide retailers with the retail cost-effective manner.


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