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​The New Era of ETC 3.0
2018/11/16 2:10:56 / Editor - Naomi / Source - RFID tag World - XMINNOV

The New Era of ETC 3.0

The United Electric Transportation Company of the Provincial Transportation Group is based on the only third-party payment license of the state-owned enterprises in the province, to build a ¡°one card¡± for transportation and travel services, and to achieve the goal of communication interconnection between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and to launch a multi-functional ¡° The Yuetongbao card has realized the upgrade iteration of the Yuetong card, and promoted the ETC to evolve from the 2.0 national standard era to the 3.0 smart payment era. Yuetongbao in the 3.0 era, practiced to let "data run more, users less errands", from the card to the electronic tag installation, the entire mobile phone can be handled, you can install it yourself at home. The four major innovations have solved many ¡°pain points¡± problems for customers to use ETC products. The original Yuetong card savings card users can be upgraded online to Yuetongbao, which truly realizes the convenience of the people.

The first is to solve the problem that users are difficult to recharge and have to be saved. The introduction of the extremely simple mobile phone NFC recharge, Yuetong card users anytime, anywhere, ready to use, no need to save.

The second is to solve the problem that the user balance is insufficient to pass the ETC lane. The launched Yuetongbao is a quasi-debit card product. It can not only recharge online or bind a bank account to achieve withholding, but also ¡°first consume, then deduct¡±, that is, when the balance in the card is insufficient, it can still pass the ETC lane normally. 

The third is to practice the principle of ¡°doing it yourself, getting enough food and clothing¡± to solve the problem of inconvenience for users. Yuetongbao and the in-vehicle electronic label (OBU) fully realized that the user applied for the Yuetongbao card and the electronic label OBU on the mobile phone. The courier arrived at home and the user installed it himself, which solved the problem of the user handling, and did not have to go to the business hall to queue.

The fourth is to solve the problem of the single function of the highway payment card. Based on the development of prepaid card licenses and mobile internet technology, Yuetongbao is a multi-purpose prepaid card. In addition to expressway payment, it also has the function of small payment. The Yuetongbao electronic card launched by United Electric Service, which is a virtual electronic account, can meet the needs of non-inductive payment, mobile payment, scan code payment, etc. It is the basis for realizing the traffic travel service card. At present, it has achieved a minimum of 92% discount on the PetroChina and CNPC BP gas stations in the province, and has been able to achieve ¡°non-inductive¡± parking in the Chaoqian parking lot.

Based on the payment license, the Yuetongbao of the 3.0 era is the legal basis for the ETC industry to ¡°go into the city¡± and upgrade from a single highway payment card to a multi-purpose comprehensive travel payment service card, and will continue to realize parking, fueling, Comprehensive payment applications such as car maintenance, consumer shopping, leisure and entertainment, and financial management.

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