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Guangzhou Customs Adopts RFID Technology to Achieve Fast Customs Clearance "Zero Disturbance"
2019/2/15 8:58:27 / Editor - Benn / Source - RFID tag World - XMINNOV

Guangzhou Customs Adopts RFID Technology to Achieve Fast Customs Clearance "Zero Disturbance"

The 2018 World Route Development Conference was held in Guangzhou soon. The Guangzhou Customs also issued nine measures to support the construction of the Baiyun International Airport aviation hub and promote the development of the airport economy. It is reported that Guangzhou Customs has carried out ¡°smart travel inspection¡± for customs clearance of inbound and outbound passengers, and has achieved ¡°zero interruption¡± for fast customs clearance. Passengers do not need to stay; in addition, Baiyun Airport cross-border e-commerce business indicators have grown rapidly, from January to August this year, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport checked and released cross-border e-commerce goods by about 33 million votes, a year-on-year increase of nearly 4 times.

According to reports, from January to August this year, Guangzhou Customs supervised Baiyun International Airport's inbound and outbound goods exceeding 1.5 million tons, the value of goods exceeded 180 billion yuan, an increase of 12%; the number of inbound and outbound passengers was about 12 million, an increase of 9.5%.

Among them, in order to improve the supervision speed of inbound and outbound passenger baggage items, Guangzhou Customs took the lead in building a background baggage pre-inspection system covering inbound and outbound checked baggage, matching RFID baggage tracking system and risk analysis to accurately lock high-risk baggage and achieve high-risk effective interception. Low-risk and rapid release, customs supervision and baggage transmission, passenger clearance is realized simultaneously, and zero-disturbance for law-abiding passengers is realized in the customs clearance. In addition, 32 domestically-advanced automatic temperature measurement channels are deployed in the health and quarantine, and remote sensing temperature measurement during passenger walking ensures that passengers do not have to stay in the case of ensuring national security.

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