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Company History
Company History

    2006.09 - Innov founded Xiamen International Student Pioneer Park

    2007.05 - Innov flexible circuit board put into production in Xiang'an Torch Park

    2008.02 - Innov established Electronic Materials Division and Power Division

    2009.10 - Innov became the third largest manufacturer of resistive touch screen flexible circuit boards in China

    2010.09 - Innov completed the reform of the shareholding system and established a joint-stock enterprise


    2011.03 - Innov established the RFID division

    2011.06 - Innov won the title of ¡°National High-tech Enterprise¡±

    2011.09 - Innov was the firstly to developed R2000 reader modules and readers based on R2000

    2011.11 - Innov received the title of ¡°Xiamen City Independent Innovation Pilot Enterprise¡±


    2012.03 INNOV first roll-to-roll exposure process to manufacture precision aluminum etched antennas

    2012.04 Mr. Li Jinhua, the founder of Innov, was selected as ¡°High-level Introducing Innovation and Entrepreneur Talents in Fujian Province¡±

    2012.05 - INNOV initiated world's first RFID high-frequency fragile anti-transfer electronic label

    2012.10 - INNOV wholly-owned subsidiary ¡°Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co., Ltd.¡± was formally established.

    2012.12 The first domestic RFID-based high-frequency reader based on mobile phone audio port was born.


    2013.03 Innov's first RFID inverted packaging production line officially put into operation

    2013.04 - Innov was named ¡°2013 China RFID Industry Annual New Enterprise¡±

    2013.08 - The first domestic mobile phone audio port RFID UHF reader was born.


    2014.04 Innov became the first batch of listed companies in the national new third board expansion (430525)


    2015.04 - Innov and Brazil VBL, SiTerra, CISC, IRIS reached a global strategic alliance

    2015.06 Innov and Southern University of Science and Technology jointly established the "Joint Laboratory of Internet of Everything and Intelligent Systems"

    2015.08 - Innov Information Technology officially released "detectable detachable and fragile NFC electronic tags"

    2015.08 - Innov Information Technology won the ¡°2014 China RFID Industry's Most Influential Electronic Label Enterprise of the Year¡±

    2015.08 Independent research and development of automotive headlamp anti-transfer electronic label won the "2014 most influential innovative product"

    2015.11 - Innov Information Technology was selected as ¡°Xiamen City Innovation Pilot Enterprise¡±


    2016.01 "A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function" obtained the US invention patent authorization

    2016.02 - ¡°A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function¡± was granted the Chinese invention patent

    2016.03 - Detectable detachable and fragile NFC electronic label was selected as ¡°2015 IOT Star RFID Innovation Product Award¡±

    2016.05 "A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function" was authorized by Japanese invention patent

    2016.06 - Innov RFID Fragile Electronic Label Project won the "Egret Award" for the most investment value of "IoT China"

    2016.07 "A fragile anti-counterfeit RFID etched electronic label and its manufacturing process" was authorized by the Chinese invention patent

    2016.07 Innov Information Technology was officially selected as ¡°Fujian Science and Technology Small Giant Leading Enterprise Development and Development Library¡±

    2016.08 - Innov Information and Strategic Cooperation with the National Commodity Traceability Information Inspection Platform

    2016.11 - Innov Information was successfully selected as ¡°Xiamen Science and Technology Little Giant Leading Enterprise¡±


    2017.03 "A high-frequency fragile RFID electronic tag with anti-transfer function" won the second prize of the 2016 Xiamen Patent Award.

    2017.04 - Innov Information won the 2016 "Iolian Star" RFID Electronic Label Enterprise Award and RFID Innovation Product Award

    2017.06 Innov Information was awarded ¡°Xiamen City Specialized Special Small and Micro Enterprise¡±

    2017.08 - Innolux established ¡°Xiamen Electronic Label Engineering Technology Research Center¡± and was officially listed after being recognized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

    2017.09 RFID Fragile Electronic Label Project won the ¡°Top Ten in China's Most Influential Internet of Things Project in China¡±

    2017.09 RFID Fragile Anti-Transfer Electronic Label was selected as ¡°2017 Fujian Excellent Internet of Things Innovation Product Award¡±

    2017.09 Innov and US GSE, Beijing Hanergy reached a strategic cooperation intention in the direction of new energy

    2017.10 Innov was awarded the ¡°National High-tech Enterprise¡± in Xiamen

    2017.12 - Innov was selected as ¡°Top Ten Leading Enterprises in the Internet of Things Industry in Xiamen¡±

    2017.12 Innov Dessert jointly released the industry's first anti-liquid UHF electronic label

    2017.12 - Innov Information was identified as a ¡°specialized and special¡± SME in Fujian Province

    2017.12 - Innov Information was recognized as ¡°Innovative Enterprise in Xiamen in 2017¡±;


    2018.01 - Innov enters strategic partnership with VeChain Technology, a global leader in blockchain

    2018.02 - Innov starting a strategic partnership in the field of ETC with Intetra in Turkey to make deals for Turkey traffic