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Application on Unmanned Retailing
2018/10/19 6:29:14 / Posted By - / Source From - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV Manufacturer
Application on Unmanned Retailing
Application Description
Project Background
  • Unmanned retail is a new retail mode in the unmanned format. At present, it mainly includes three technologies: AI image recognition, gravity sensing and RFID tags. At present, RFID tags encounter a bigger problem is the existence of tag disassembly problem.

Scene Description
  • There is a relatively common phenomenon, that is, customers directly tore off the label on the product, put it back in the cabinet, causing great losses to the merchants.

Proposal Solution
  • The label has the disassembly-proof characteristic, can prevent the terminal customer in the purchase process, puts the label back to the refrigerator this kind of operation, thus reduces the merchant is the loss.

Customer Value-added Point
  • At present two customers are not terminal customers. Beijing this customer demand is not very big, later see if there are opportunities for cooperation in other links; Xiamen Xinda commissioned us to help them design this label, but the promotion is subject to certain competition.

Related Product Suggestion
  • This technology can meet the requirements and with a good price for comfortable application

Project Suggestion Point
Potential Target Customers
  • New retail customer markets such as kiosks and convenience bees.

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