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Jewelry against theft management application
2019/6/19 5:10:52 / Posted By - / Source From - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV Manufacturer
Jewelry against theft management application
Application Description
Project Background
  • The jewelry market is a huge market system in China and the world. Every year, only China's jewelry sales reach more than 300 billion yuan in sales and many jewelry stores such as Luk Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Tiffany

Scene Description
  • Jewelry manufacturers or jewelry stores, especially jewellery manufacturers, will involve many small molds in the production process. These small molds are difficult for shop assistants to find. They need the power of RFID Jewelry against theft management to help find them quickly, solve problems such as mistakes, time-consuming and so on.

Proposal Solution
  • NFC anti-metal label, good performance of the whole surface composite absorbing material

Customer Value-added Point
  • The use of this label for goods batch and inventory, not only saves time and effort, and high accuracy, and each electronic label has a global unique number, ensuring security, internal storage content can be customized according to customer needs

Related Product Suggestion
  • Jewelry against theft management application can meet the requirements and with a good price for comfortable application

Potential Target Customers
  • Jewelry against theft management application is suitable for all jewellery manufacturers and jewelry stores

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