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RFID Industrial Application
Fixed Asset Management
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Fixed Asset Management
Application Description
Project Background
  • The Chinese Academy of Sciences will use RFID tags instead of ordinary adhesive tags to manage fixed assets, so as to improve inventory efficiency and achieve information-based asset management through RFID technology. Because they clearly know that the main tally is the tag, they need to "tear it up (separated from the physical object of the asset is invalid) flexible metal-resistant printable passive RFID tags" and "tear it down (separated from the physical object of the asset is invalid) flexible non-metallic printable passive RFID tags" to be protected. In the process of checking, labels and objects are one thing and one yard.

  • Scenario Description: tags are applied to all fixed assets of the Institute.

  • Once tear it ruined, printed soft anti-metal tag tag stick on Metal fixed assets, surface is naked, glossy metal with paiting.

  • Once tear it ruined, printed soft anti-metal tag tag can stick on plastic, PMMA, clad plate, glass etc.

Existed Issue Analysis
  • Present sticker label invertory efficiency is low with present sticker label, many institution and colleages have used RFID tech. As a national level institution, need to move fast.

Our solution Plans
  • Soft printable anti-metal tag and printable tamper proof label.

Customer value point
  • The Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the top Physics Research Institute in China. It has a history of 90 years, and its customers have a strong benchmark. It is a good case.

Product Related Index
  • We can develop and produce flexible metal-resistant printable labels with a tear-and-tear effect.

  • At present, there are relatively few labels on the market. So we have great advantages in this respect.

Project Introduce Point
Potential target customers
  • Government agencies, educational institutions, medical institutions, enterprises and institutions.

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