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RFID Cosmetics Brand Protection Anti-Counterfeiting Application
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RFID Cosmetics Brand Protection Anti-Counterfeiting Application
Application Description
System Background & Requirement

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) including NFC (Near Field Communication) has already proven itself in intelligent shoppping,fashion retail,with many retailers taking advantage of the inventory tracking accuracy (>99%), the increased product selling availability (>98%)and omnichannel capabilities the technology provided.

RFID technology was ready to digitize cosmetics industray which would stand to profit just as much from this level of insight and visibility into the inventory levels, however utilising the technology has traditionally been far more difficult than in the apparel market. It because cosmetic products are generally too small to be tagged accordingly and they frequently contain liquids or metal materials in their packaging that negatively affect RFID technology.

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With recent advancements in the technology, this was beginning to change. RFID tags becoming smaller and makes labelling practically fpr any product possible and, with the price of labels continuing to drop down(for example: R6-P RAIN chip with low cost are popular used for cosmetic identification), financially visible. Most important though is the invention of new 'on-metalRFID labels that can be used to tag both metallic and liquid products without issue, hence removing the biggest barrier to tag RFID on the cosmetics product became available. 


New RFID developments can benefit cosmetic brands and optimise customer experience, New packaging materials and smaller, more sensitive RFID tags finally help cosmetic brands to provide ever-greater inventory accuracy both in real store and in the web shop to fulfil the increasing need for faster global shipping and replenishment.

The particular situation of shelf-life is a challenge of the cosmetics industry that is not shared by the apparel market, with RFID technolgy,seems ideally suited to the task of managing expiry dates, as well as the tags can hold the information on an item-level, meaning the store staff receives real-time visibility on the shelf-life of each item from the store and would also receive alerts warning them when items are close to or past their expiry date. This will also enable products to be marked-down to ensure they are sold before expiration of product itself.

Value-Added For Retailers
  • Inventory visibility along the entire supply chain, No out-of-stock situations due to increased product availability

  • Superior quality of customer service, Reduced inventory shrinkage in stores

  • Operational efficiencies for in-store processes

  • Increased brand loyalty and better selling, Analytics in real-time and store KPIs, Easily manage shelf-life of products

Benefits For Customers
  • Cosmetics Brand Protection for the cosmetic owner and Anti-Counterfeiting

  • High product availability across all channels with Unique & Individual shopping experience

  • Product recommendations with additional information such as promotion

  • Supports in decision-making process simulation

  • Click and collect, Instore ordering, Matching the style, until Ship from store for a moment delivery

Application & Recommmendation

  • Excellent performance and superior closecoupling btw cosmetics distributor and consumer

  • Operational efficiencies for in-store processes, Prevent oftenly indistinguishable cosmetics purchased from the same packaging or similar smell itself

  • Inventory visibility along the entire supply chain, No out-of-stock situations due to increased product availability

  • Avoid Fake Counterfeit Cosmetic Damage Brand, Impact Health, Reduced inventory shrinkage in stores

  • NFC tagging with unique ID and secure access authentication to all original cosmetics, Superior quality of customer service

  • UHF RFID tagging application provide a long range cosmetic tracking & inventory

  • Cosmetics RFID Brand Protection from NFC Anti-Counterfeiting Bottle sticker

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